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Hertfordshire Quality Standards in Childcare

General Information

Parents are primarily responsible for the care and education of their children in the early years. Staff welcome and support parents and where possible, work in partnership with them to help meet their child's needs and involve them in the activities of the group.



1. Ask child to refrain from undesirable activity.
2. Explain to child exactly what he/she is doing that is unacceptable.
3. Ask him to say sorry if another child is involved.
4. If activity is repeated, remove him/her from area and calmly explain again why the behaviour is unacceptable.
5. If the behaviour is persistent, remove child to a quiet area and ask him/her to think about their behaviour, just for a few minutes, and then return him/her to another area of the group where he/she can quickly become involved.
6. Remember to praise a few moments later for good behaviour.
7. Speak to parents at the end of the session if all points have been needed to discipline the child.

Care is provided with regard to the child's religious persuasion, racial origins, and cultural and linguistic background, (Race Relations Act 1976, Amendment 2000).
Each child is valued as an individual without racial or gender stereotyping. We cater for children with Special Need requirements, with regard to the 2004 Children's Act, a copy of which is available in nursery.

All policies are available at all times in nursery if you wish to read them in full.


TOILET TRAINING: We will work with you and your child to support them with this stage of their development. Please feel free to discuss this with us at anytime.

CONTACT: Please remember to give an emergency telephone number to us, to be added to your registration form, on your first day.

All coats must be named as several children may have the same coat.