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Hertfordshire Quality Standards in Childcare


Play is a natural way of developing the child in body and mind and for preparing themselves for the serious business of life.We are here to educate your child but most of all we are HERE TO PLAY AND HAVE FUN!

We hope you and your child will have the opportunity to meet new friends, share new experiences and visit new places. We are here to make sure that your nursery school life is a pleasant, enjoyable and valuable part of your child's education. If you have any queries or difficulties at any time do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and we look forward to meeting you and you child in the future.


Our Nursery Room


We are fortunate here to have our own permanent premises. Our nursery is not used for any other purpose; therefore we have the benefit of continuity, familiarity and security. We have the nursery classroom, plus a large hall, outside classroom, kitchen, storerooms, car park and outside play area.


Snack Time -
Milk, fruit and a wide variety of healthy foods are provided at every session. We would like all children to try milk, unless they are allergic to it, but we will provide juice or water at your request.

Birthdays - You may bring in sweets or cakes to share with the other children. We celebrate with a certificate and candles and we all sing Happy Birthday!

Library - We make good use of the library each term and the children's librarian is available to visit nursery each year to take a story time. We also access several story sack services each term.

Photographer - Visits twice per year.

DVD Filming - Visits once per year to make a DVD of the children at nursery.

Outings - Walks to the park, to the shop, picnics and games.

Visitors - We invite the Fire Service, Police, Royal mail, Milkman, Doctor, Nurse and anyone we know that can help us with our theme that term. It could be you!!

Road Safety - The team visit annually during our road safety week and we also have access to a large selection of resources from our Children's Centre.

Outside play - We play outside everyday. We have an outdoor classroom, a large outside play area and we are also fortunate to have our large sports hall to play in.

Our outside play area

Our Hall

CREATIVE PLAY: Painting, clay, dough, water, sand, glue, model making, corn flour, scissors, mark making e.g. crayons, chalks, charcoal, wood chippings, pasta, rice etc.

IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Wendy house, dressing up, dolls prams, buggy, tent, roll play items and much more!

CO-ORDINATION: Climbing apparatus, bikes, scooters, tunnels, barrel, walking plank, trampoline etc.

CONSTRUCTION: Puzzles, Duplo, Lego, bricks, train sets, small construction games and large construction games for the floor, Popoids, Stickle bricks etc.

CIRCLE/MUSIC TIME: Rhymes, songs, finger plays, instruments, music and movement time, stories and story sacs, show and tell, reward teddy, radio and cassette/CD player.

EDUCATIONAL: Everything we do is educational, pencils, wax crayons and felt tip pens, scissors, tracing colourings sheets, work sheets, activity sheets, dot to dot, dice games, we could list forever! We offer pre-reading and writing education.

Cookery, woodwork, science and technology including ICT are all enjoyed at nursery, and not to forget our use of books which is most important including; free access to books, resource books, special books, library books and books from home.

The above is a very small example of resources that we have to offer here at Toddlers-In.

Each half term runs to a planned theme, maybe animals or water etc. Everyday there is an activity prepared which all the children are encouraged to join in with. They will bring lots of their work home, but we hope they will leave us some to put on the walls! We often have an 'Interest Table' and a Nature Table.